Big Picture

Yearly Global Photography Competition
Project Overview
Each year, the California Academy of Sciences’ renowned BigPicture Photography Competition celebrates some of the world’s best photographers and the year’s most striking images. From the beautiful and bizarre to the otherworldly and wild, the 2020 BigPicture exhibit takes viewers on an awe-inspiring journey through the natural world
My Contributions
This yearly competition and exhibit takes on various forms, both digital and physical. For 2020, we opted to expand our digital presence with new web features. In addition to maintaining the competition website, as well as assisting with the exhibit's information graphics, I also create new interactive experiences on an ongoing basis as a way to take aspects of the physical exhibit and transform it onto a digital space.
Each year, the BigPicture Photography Competition celebrates the year’s most awe-inspiring images from around the globe. As a way to highlight these spectacular photos, the places they were taken, and the photographers who took them, the Big Picture exhibit showcases the photos and the stories behind them. Various categories help to organize the submission process, as well as the exhibit itself. Additionally, a map is included to further press the notion that these photos came to us from all over the world. Beyond the physical environment, the Big Picture team is thinking about new ways to showcase the photography, and inspire the next generation of photographers.
Big Picture
Information - Web Design
Dec 2019 — present
BigPicture physical map on exhibit wall
Starting in 2020, BigPicture has added an interactive map online to compliment the physical map in the exhibit. After gathering the needed information, I created both maps. These pieces highlight the location of the winning photographs, and allow for both a hands on, and hands off, approach for engaging with this information.