Multimedia Publication Platform
Project Overview
A multimedia magazine by the California Academy of Sciences, bioGraphic was created to showcase both the wonder of nature and the most promising approaches to sustaining life on Earth.
My Contributions
Initially working with a small, yet diverse team, I developed the brand identity, interactive experiences, and immersive story layouts for bioGraphic. On an ongoing basis, and using a mixture of design, code, and animation, we deliver inspiring, engaging and interactive content for this online publication platform.
bioGraphic started as an idea to share awe inspiring stories of nature, people, and it’s interconnectedness. The solution was to develop an online platform that would deliver those stories, highlighting beautiful photography, videography, and interactivity in order to fully immerse viewers into the scene of the stories.

From the initial phases, I developed both the overall brand system, as well as the layout system for each and every story, making sure to meet our audience where they are by creating dynamic layouts that would work for all screen sizes and devices.
Brand / Web / Information
Sept 2015 — Oct 2020
Early concept layout sketches
Early concept layout sketchesEarly concept layout sketches
Early on, it was determined to build in a modular fashion, allowing elements to shift and stack for smaller screen sizes. Some elements completely change, depending on what devices they are viewed from.
Early homepage iterations
Early homepage iterationsEarly story page iterations
Initial iterations show how the platform was created to stand out as vibrant and modern, while still being easily accessible to our intended audience. Homepage and interior story page design solutions were developed to increase text and image visibility without compromising layout, putting user needs at the forefront of our thinking.
bioGraphic's An Audacious Plan in the Twilight story page example
An Audacious Plan in the Twilight is the first immersive article for bioGraphic, and incorporates video, photography, data visualizations, and storytelling to describe some of the research that lead the California Academy of Sciences to discover new species and explore a relatively unknown region of the planet, the Twilight Zone. I developed the techniques used to showcase the animated visuals, imagery and content in this immersive storytelling piece.
Making of a Giant incorporated illustrated elements to depict the growth cycle of one of the largest living organisms on our planet. Using these elements, I created animations to further explain the growth process, as well as some of the difficulties plants may encounter. Additionally, the layout allows the viewer to appreciate the visuals and information without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information being presented.
bioGraphic homepage example on various screen sizes
Beautiful nature imagery combines with immersive storytelling through engaging layouts and interactive content. Periodically published storied include immersive articles, Spotlight photography pieces, Photographic Essays, video stories, and opinion articles. Each story type has it’s own set of stylistic guidelines that allow for unique qualities to each story, while maintaining a cohesive publication.