Stanford Graduate School of Business

Teaching and Learning HUB
Project Overview
Supporting Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) faculty in delivering world-class, transformational learning experiences that equip and inspire tomorrow’s leaders, the Teaching and Learning Hub (TLH) has many departments to help fulfill various needs across a spectrum of. As part of the Media Design team, I am dedicated to creating engaging content for teaching and learning at Stanford GSB.
My Contributions
As part of the Media Design team, I am dedicated to creating engaging content for teaching and learning. I work together with faculty and in-house creative services for the purpose of better pedagogy at Stanford GSB. I conceive, and develop graphics, UI/UX and illustrations for projects involving abstract or technical content requiring extensive subject matter/client knowledge, collaboration and coordination over various mediums and disciplines for educational and outreaching purposes.
TLH Media and Design Website
Web Designer / Ilustrator
2022 ongoing
Stanford GSB's TLH Media and Design team is one of the first of it's kind, working directly with faculty, and using the power of curiosity, design, and storytelling to illuminate and educate. As part of our designing for understanding, we create engaging multimedia to communicate complex concepts, leverage easy-to-edit websites to bring your content online, and add polish and clarity to your classroom as well as other teaching materials. As a Media and Design team within an educational setting, it is important to be able to showcase our offerings in a clear and concise form in order to attract partnership with faculty, as well as educate on Stanford design best practices.
Stanford GSB is a part of the larger Stanford University, and as such, the larger Stanford brand needs to be considered when developing public facing websites under the Stanford umbrella. Extensive research and development went into both the TLH Media and Design website, as well as the Teaching and Learning Hub website itself, in order to create a more cohesive and holistic experience across the various GSB websites.
Continued development of existing Media and Design website pages help to better inform of the services we provided to the greater Stanford GSB faculty and staff..
A series of developing illustrations highlight the Media and Design team's unique offerings and dynamic approach to content creation and development.