California Dinosaur Garden

Project Overview
The California Dinosaur Garden is an immersive experience of California's Cretaceous period at Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo. Life-size dinosaurs accompany prehistoric plants, realistic animal sculptures, and interactive exhibits to create a uniquely engaging snapshot of life during this period. The exhibit encourages imaginative outdoor play while stimulating curiosity and interest in this formative period of California history.
My Contributions
As the Lead Graphic Designer working directly with the Exhibits Director, I produced various graphics, both print and digital, that help to inform attendants about California's Cretaceous period. In addition to the development of the exhibit graphics, I was in charge of the exhibit branding, developing the scope of work to complete the exhibt within the alotted time to meet the exhibit grand opening, and working with other designers and illustrators to bring to life the various areas of focus within the exhibit. Furthermore, I developed marketing material to inform and attract visitors to the museum's exhibit.
California Dinosaur Garden
Exhibit Design / Marketing / Logistics
Dec 2022 - Sep 2023
This beautiful outdoor space is fully accessible, multi-lingual, includes wheelchair access to a fossil dig, braille labels, and tactile, sensory-rich elements for children of all abilities. Guests experience engaging nature play and hands-on exploration of the natural world. Stepping into the California Dinosaur Garden truly feels like stepping into the Cretaceous period, and is sure to bring history to life for kids and adults alike.
This interactive information graphic showcases the relative sizes of various plants and animals during this prehistoric period. Panel buttons audibly inform of pronunciation of animals.
Animal description panels provide a tactile experience that also aligns with the visual experience of seeing life size sculptures throughout the exhibit.
The tactile map includes braille and texture to allow for ease of use and understanding for a wider audience.
Both exhibit and marketing material utilize the same branding elements of imagery, color, typography, and other design elements in order to create a cohesive look throughout.