Giants of Land and Sea

Project Overview
Giants of Land and Sea at the California Academy of Sciences focuses on the unique ecosystems of Northern California, where big ideas are born—and the largest living things on Earth thrive. Powerful natural phenomena shape our coastline, shake our cities, and nourish our forests. This exhibit has three big topics; Whales and other sea life, The Redwood forests, and our moving plate tectonics. In addition to the extraordinary biodiversity in our own backyard, Giants of Land and Sea celebrates the scientists and citizens taking action every day to sustain it.
My Contributions
Collaborating with a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers and scientists, I produced various graphics, both print and digital, that help to inform Academy attendants about some of natures largest topics. In addition to the development of the iconic language, I was in charge of the illustration style, ultimately hiring an artist to collaborate on a number of graphic needs. Working with the Academy's Visualization Studio, I helped to translate complex weather and earth system patterns into easily understood animations and interactives.
Discover the shape-shifting, color-changing, and ever-evolving nature of skin. This exhibit included focuses on California's varied ecosystems. Specimens, diagrams, information graphics, video, and interactive experiences immerse and inform visitors of the science, scientists and sustainability efforts happening in our own backyard. My role in this exhibit included developing the illustration style for various information graphics, animations, and interactive experiences. Working alongside scientists and preparators , I was able to create scientifically accurately depictions.
Giants of Lands and Sea Exhibit
Infographic / Interactive Design
Jun 2017 — Dec 2018
This series of illustrated infographic panels compare the sizes of various megafauna and megaflora that can be found in Northern California, as well as describes the sophisticated hunting method of humpback whale. The layouts required additional considerations for the new inclusion of three additional languages in order to appeal to a wide audience.
Giants of Land and Sea Large Blue whale and other whale specimens
Articulated illustrations label the specimens of some of California’s coastal, aquatic inhabitants on display within the exhibit.
Above and below Earth's surfaces, invisible processes create conditions for earth to thrive. This infographic describes the process of the Bay Area's famous fog bank formation.
Three merging systems; fog formation, carbon exchange, and ocean upwelling shape the beauty and biodiversity of Northern California’s Coast. A series of interactives allows users to explore the unseen forces at play that support giants of land and sea.
A mixture of informational panels, specimens, and interactives describe the size, life, and history of Northern California’s Coastal Redwood forests.